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The Ministry of Digital Development and Communications has started its activities

U.Byambasuren, Deputy Head of the Cabinet Secretariat, and other officials worked at the Communications and Information Technology Authority to introduce Government resolutions and decisions, and L.Enkh-Amgalan, Minister of Education and Science, and B.Bolor-Erdene, Acting Secretary of State took the office.

What do you know about e-Mongolia 2.0?

The integrated e-government system “e-Mongolia” was renewed on its one-year anniversary. In one year, 563 services of 57 government organizations have been integrated and digitalized. In addition, the updated e-Mongolia system provides electronic access to documents for every citizen. For more information on e-Mongolia 2.0 as follows:

“It is a very important task to digitalize and improve public services”

It has been half a year since e-Mongolia Center has been opened at the first floor of the Central Post Office. During this time, more than 100 people visit the center every day and receive instructions and advice on how to access government services online from e-Mongolia. Most of the customers are usually elder citizens.



Mongolia’s E-Governance Quest

In the last decade, Mongolia showed progress in e-governance, but there’s more yet to do. By Bolor Lkhaajav September 18, 2020 Mongolia’s e-governance is a topic often overshadowed by the cyber activities of the country’s large neighbors — Russia and China. However, the coronavirus pandemic gave an advantage to the Mongolian[...]



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