Main responsibilities

Public administration and human resources management, legal advice and supports, financial activities, sector standardization, foreign relations, monitoring and evaluation on policy implementation, and statistical activities of the sector.

Duties of the Department

To provide leadership in public administration, implement human resources policy of the sector, advertise the sector activities through mass media, provide assistance and supports to improve legal environment of the sector, coordinate implementation of legal acts adopted by head organizations and entities.

Duties of Foreign Relations Division under the Department

To strengthen foreign relations and international cooperation of the sector, organize international level events and related activities, participate actively in activities of international organizations, provide assistance and support to expand international cooperation of sector organizations, attract investments for the sector development, study and apply international best practices and coordinate the implementation of international agreements of the organization.

Duties of Monitoring and Evaluation Division under the Department

To provide monitoring and evaluation on the implementation of legal acts, contracts, and agreements, and program and projects, assess their effectiveness and efficiency, provide statistical data of the sector and maintain its database