Who we are

We the Department of broadcasting, social media, and digital content policy coordination from the Communication and information technology agency of the Mongolian government have the following state functions to implement for the development of Mongolian ICT.

Main operation direction

In other to develop options of policies and programs related to radio and television broadcasting, the social media network, website, digital content, and e-education adopt and develop advanced technology for information distribution, provide general policy guidance and coordinate its implementation.

What we do

  • Formulate options of Legislation draft, policy, and program on Broadcasting, coordinate implementation of it
  • Formulate selection of both policy and program to develop all kind of contents via social network, web site, and the internet, organize and coordinate work to implement
  • Provide policy guideline on online security and give methodical advice
  • For proper usage of ICT, constitute both policy and coordination environment to advance public knowledge on use of social media network and internet and organize implementation;